Business with Us

Business with Us

As Az Zahra Mall continues to expand, we are always searching for opportunities to meet our customer needs. This include Vendor opportunities ranging from goods to our day-to-day operations, there are many avenues of cooperation.


Apply to be supplier. We are committed to work with the supplier of any product to meet our customer requirements, by accepting goods from a diverse vendor base, improve expand our range of products. Our suppliers fit into multiple categories and together we can provide more products to our customers need.


You’re free to operate your business anywhere you can get an internet connection and start selling online with our team.

Our online suppliers supply customers in one of the following ways:

  1. Ship to Az Zahra Mall Warehouse: The supplier will ship products to Az Zahra warehouse center. We will house inventory and ship to our wide customers.
  2. Ship to Customer: The supplier will ship the products directly to the customer as a Drop Ship Vendor.
  • You send to our team pictures and descriptions of your product. We post your products on our online platform.
  • A customer gets interested in your products, places an order and pays for it.
  • We contact you and you place the same order as your customer.
  • We ask you to deliver the order to the address of our customer and we make payment for your product.
  • The customer receives the order and the deal is complete.


If you have a product, let us help you with our strong marketing and promotion management that can increase your sales by selling your product with us.

Please contact our marketing management.